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GaN Systems is the leader in Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power management devices, specializing in power conversion, semiconductors and transistors. A fabless power semiconductor company, GaN Systems is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

GaN technology is superior to silicon (Si) in the creation of small power systems with more efficient power conversion. Use of GaN impacts not only the power transistor, but also overall product design and in decreasing cost around other system components

14 列 · GaN Systems』 transistors can increase the performance of your power conversion system and

GS-065-004-1-L 3.5 A 500 mΩ 0.7 nC
GS-065-008-1-L 8 A 225 mΩ 1.5 nC
GS-065-011-1-L 11 A 150 mΩ 2 nC
GS66502B 7.5 A 200 mΩ 1.5 nC

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The GS61008T is an enhancement mode GaN-on-silicon power transistor. The properties of GaN allow for high current, high voltage breakdown and high switching frequency. GaN Systems implements patented Island Technology ® cell layout for high-current die

TI provides gallium nitride (GaN) power devices and easy-to-use modules that meet next generation system requirements and TI’s high standards of quality and reliability. Our family of GaN solutions integrate high-speed gate driver, EMI control, over temperature

Single-channel high-speed gate driver for 「X-GaN」 power transistor AN34092B Gate driver AN3492B has the functions which are 「Constant source current for turn ON」 and 「Adjustable negative voltage source」. It makes to control 「X-GaN」 driver with a few external

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Isolated GaN Driver 2 System Description GaN drivers are an inherent part of any power supply, high power inverters system, or motor control system. Isolation is required in these systems for the following purposes: • Meeting safety requirements (Standards

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GN001 Application Brief How to drive GaN Enhancement mode HEMT Updated on Apr-26-2016 GaN Systems Inc. GaN Systems –2 Basics Design considerations Driver selection Design examples PCB Layout Switching Testing results Basics Latest update

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GN001 Application Guide Design with GaN Enhancement mode HEMT Updated on FEB 28, 2018 GaN Systems Inc. GaN Systems – 2 Agenda This revision: Feb 28, 2018

eGaN ® FET-based power conversion systems offer higher efficiency, increased power density, and lower overall system cost than Si-based alternatives. These advantageous characteristics have spurred the presence of an ever increasing ecosystem of power electronics components such as gate drivers, controllers, and passive components that specifically enhance eGaN FET performance.

Use our interactive parametric selection tool to identify the best possible GaN solution for your power conversion system. Enhanced product selection: GaN FET Selection Tool for Buck Converters For more information on EPC’s GaN technology download our Technology Brief

Optimizing GaN performance with an integrated driver 4 March 2016 to higher cross-conduction losses, as seen in the energy consumption plots. With a 5-nH common-source inductance, the energy loss increases from 53 µJ to 85 µJ, a 60 percent increase.

Download and run directly onto the system you want to update. An internet connection is required. If your system is not running Windows© 7 or 10, or for drivers/software for other AMD products such as AMD Radeon Pro graphics, embedded graphics, chipsets

100 V GaN E-HEMT FB EVB optimized for Class D Amplifiers The GS61004B-EVBCD evaluation board allows the user to evaluate GaN Systems’ GS61004B Enhancement mode-High Electron Mobility Transistors (E-HEMTs) with the Peregrine PE29102 gate driver

11月5日,由我校自动化学院承办的2017年“GaN Systems”杯第三届高校电力电子应用设计大赛于在上海落下帷幕,经过近半年的激烈角逐,在经历了预赛和决赛的两轮比拼以后,我校代表队摘得此次大赛的特

Discover Infineon’s CoolGaN enhancement mode (e-mode) gallium nitride (GaN) transistors and drivers, which offer ultimate efficiency and reliability beyond silicon in applications such as server and telecom SMPS and many more.

The GaN Systems GS61004B evaluation board allows the user to evaluate the PE29102 gate driver in a full-bridge configuration. For more information on the GS61004B E-HEMT and the GS61004B-EVBCD evaluation board, please visit GaN Systems’ website.

GaN Systems is a fabless semiconductor company that is focused on gallium nitride technology for power conversion and control applications. The company has developed a complete range of gallium nitride power switching transistors for a wide variety of markets.

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IT ci Tech , ol 0, No 1 (anuary 014) 139 K. Joshin et al.: Outlook for GaN HEMT Technology 2. High-efficiency operation To operate a transistor circuit with high efficiency, it is ideal if either the current or voltage that runs dur-ing the transistor operation can be made

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AN34092B Page 1 of 16 Product Standards Single-Channel High-Speed Gate Driver specialized to driving GaN-Tr. Able to drive GaN-Tr easily with a small number of external components Integrate constant source current circuitry for turn ON. Source current is

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) is a leader in Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power management devices. EPC was the first to introduce enhancement mode Gallium Nitride (eGaN) on Silicon transistors for applications such as, wireless power

Inmarsat BGAN offers the same telephony services as its predecessor system GAN, namely Standard Voice (compressed), ISDN Data and the Audio 3.1kHz service which can be used for fax and data communication. Audio 3.1 kHz also enables digital PSTN

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The LMG5200 device, an 80-V, 10-A driver plus GaN half-bridge power stage, provides an integrated power stage solution using enhancement-mode Gallium Nitride (GaN) FETs. The device consists of two 80-V GaN FETs driven by one high-frequency GaN FET

GaN Systems and On Semiconductor have teamed up to design a 1MHz half bridge evaluation board using a GaN daughter board with a 650 V, 30 A GaN E-HEMT switch and a high speed gate driver board. This half bridge evaluation board is developed for existing

These two characteristics, along with their extremely small size, make GaN ideal for lidar. Thus, lidar systems with GaN can see farther, faster, and better. How to Build an Ultra-Fast High-Power Laser Driver Choose an eGaN FET or IC

Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel® DSA) The Intel® Driver & Support Assistant keeps your system up-to-date by providing tailored support and hassle-free updates for most of your Intel hardware. View a list of driver & software exclusions.

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TI-GaN Power Stage:LMG3410 8 Built-in 5V LDO to power external digital Isolator Slew rate control by one external resistor: 30 V/ns to 100 V/ns High speed over current protection with 100ns response time Fault feedback to system controller protection and UVLO

Fast Driver Update Driver Booster 7 is a convenient driver updater for you. It can help detect and update outdated drivers efficiently. Plus, the scanning speed of this driver updater has been improved by almost 100%, which saves you more time to acquire your driver

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•GaN enables 3X power density improvement from AC to Point-of-Load •Integration of GaN FET, driver, and potection in a low inductance package provides an optimal solution for fast and reliable switching •For products, designs, and training material, visit

The EZDrive solution converts any IC controller/driver to properly drive GaN Systems E-HEMTs. This eliminates the redundant GaN drivers and LDOs in a monolithic, integrated driver GaN device or as discretes reducing size and cost. In addition, the turn ON/OFF

200V EPC2112 eGaN® HEMT with Monolithic Optimized Gate Driver Report type Reverse CostingReverse Technology Manufacturer Qualcomm Reference EPC2112 Integrated Gate Driver eGaN® Device type GaN, Published 10/09/2019

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Seminar Outline Limitations of today‟s 600 V Silicon Topologies where superjunction performs well Topologies where superjunction application is limited GaN HEMT characteristics –Depletion-mode, cascode, enhancement-mode –GaN applied to hard and soft

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Parasitics: limits system performance 2 • Parasitic inductances cause switching loss, ringing and reliability issues, especially at higher frequencies • Why pay for GaN if you cannot get best system performance? GaN FET Gate Driver 1 4 3 2 6 5 Equivalent

GSWP300WP-EVBPA GaN Systems GaN Power Transistor Test/Evaluation Product Pricing And Availability 300W Power Amplifier for Wireless Power Applications Push-Pull Class EF2 topology GaN Systems’ GS66508P 650V / 30A / 50mOhm E-HEMTs

Navitas Semiconductor was formed in 2014 to enable a high-speed revolution in power electronics. We are making this revolution possible with the invention of the industry’s first GaN power ICs which enable up to a 100x increase in switching speeds while

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Direct-drive configuration for GaN devices Paul L. Brohlin Design and System Manager GaN and Next Product Solutions Texas Instruments Yogesh K. Ramadass Analog Design Manager Kilby Labs – Power Texas Instruments Cetin Kaya Design Engineer GaN and

18/10/2019 · GaN Systems is a two-time finalist this year for 「Power System Product of the Year」 from the #ElektraAwards. One of these, the EZDrive Circuit, allows designers to use a standard, inexpensive MOSFET controller with integrated drive to drive GaN Systems’ E

Wide bandgap semiconductors are the next step towards an energy-efficient world. As a customer you have the choice between Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide. Wide Bandgap Semiconductors will fit perfectly for traction, wind, fast EV-charging, hood fan

Unlike most Si and earlier discrete GaN devices, Navitas GaNFast Power ICs are provided in very small, low profile, surface mount 5×6 and 6×8 mm QFN packages eliminating speed-limiting, lossy discrete drive and protection circuits, and shrinking PCB area.

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Nanosecond Laser Driver Reference Design for LiDAR In the 5-ns comparison, the half-power width for the GaN is ≈3 ns versus 5 ns for the silicon case, and the actual energy used is very similar but with a peak power of roughly half.